Kardashian Kard Prepaid MasterCard

Kardashian Kard Prepaid MasterCard

This was one of the promotional images for the Kardashian Kard.

In November of 2010, the Kardashian sisters announced that they would be launching a Prepaid debit card called the Kardashian Kard. After launching their website (http://KardashianKard.com), announcing their fees and launching their product, it was quickly taken off the market due to a firestorm of criticism, including criticism from the Connecticut Attorney General, George Jepsen.

The criticism of the card focused primarily on the extremely high fees, and the fact that the card clearly targeted young teenagers and the less educated. After numerous news outlets and bloggers voiced their concerns about the high Kardashian Kard Prepaid Debit Card fees, the Kardashian sister’s realized that the card was unfair and they distanced themselves from the failed product.

After this turn of events, we decided to purchase this site and maintain it in an effort to educate and remind the general public to be careful, and thoroughly research the products they choose to use, regardless of who endorses it.